Project Haunted House's Guide to the Beast of Gévaudan

So, you've decided to tackle the rather unknown Beast of Gévaudan. Bravo! Granted, not much has been done that's attributed to said beast since, oh, say, 1767, but hey, better safe than sorry, no? And of course, Gévaudan is now Lozère département, but you never can tell when some ambitious and dastardly villain will attempt a resurrection or some such nonsense, so good on you! You're taking on a beastie that not even cryptozoologists and conspiracy theorists can agree upon, so you're clearly at least foolish enough to possibly succeed — bravery may factor in there, too, but that's beside the point. I mean, no one can even say just what this beastie was, if it even existed or if it was some sort of genetic aberration, a mad man's plaything, or the remnants of a long-lost species now hidden away from the ages, but hey, why should that slow you down?

This guide contains a list of tools you'd need to combat the Beast of Gévaudan, how to use those tools, and other steps to take. You can also bop back out to the Gévaudan Beastie's history, if you so desire, you crazy learnin' academic you.
La bête du Gévaudan
the Beast of Gévaudan

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